Alignment Removal

For this game we will be doing away with the D&D/Pathfinder alignment system, in its place there is the virtue vice system, white wolf esk but bent a bit. This will have some effects on classes and spells as well as remove a few items from the game altogether but I think it is an improvement over all and lends itself well to a game of nuanced and grey characters.

First the broad rule: “Evil” now means Undead & Evil Outsiders while “Good” means Good Outsiders, some rare exceptions may be made where in a creature truly embodies good or evil and thus falls into the definition as well. Law/Chaos spells skills and the like do not exist. In this way Evil and Good mean a tangible force of good and evil, heaven and hell etc, not a moral code or outlook on life but a force that can be detected by magic and targeted by spells.

For the core classes a few small changes need to be made, no classes have alignment restrictions (though characters are encouraged to keep the spirit of the class in mind), clerics and paladins do not have auras, etc.. Paladins are the big ones to be modified, they can still detect evil under the above definition of evil, smite evil is just smite and can be used on whoever the paladin deems “Evil” or an enemy of his faith, Aura of Faith allows the paladin to overcome the DRs of Undead and Evil Outsiders, paladins with divine bond can not chose the Axiomatic weapon enchantment. The Monk’s 10th level ki strike now allows them to chose between Slashing, Blunt or Piercing when using unarmed attacks (declared before rolling). Some Cleric Domain abilities must be changed, mostly having to do with weapon enchantments like Holy and Axiomatic, suitable enchantments will be used in their place.

Spells remain the same using the new definition for Evil and Good. Law/Chaos spells are removed.

Items that change are Holy/Unholy/Axiomatic/Anarchic weapons; Holy and Unholy are left in the game though are much less useful now having to follow the new definition of Evil and Good, Axiomatic and Anarchic are replaced with bane weapons. All other items can follow the rules above or alignment can be ignored all together on it.

DR/Evil and DR/Good never made much sense to begin with so all alignment damage reductions are now DR/+3 that does not stack.

In a way you can just imagine everyone is now mechanically true neutral except the outsiders and undead.

It’s likely a GM call or two will have to be made along the way but if we all are on the same page with the core concept of this I think the GM calls will be simple enough as they come along.

Alignment Removal

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