Arcane items and effects are, as always, Spell and Spell-Like(Sp)

Not a technology in a classical sense but magic has certainly been changed by the modern age. Mass printing of books and development of the scientific processes has shaped the Wizards art into a pseudo science with a few distinct traditions of magical theory and casting developing. High Draconic, Infernal, Celestial, and Fae are the most common among the arcane traditions of the age. Each tradition producing similar spell results while forming drastically different casting styles mind sets and visual effect. Of these arts Draconic is the one most practiced by humans, and in many ways is akin to the way humans have been practicing magic for ages. For the other three spell names and visual descriptions may vary from in the book (mostly at the characters choosing.)

Infernal favors the necromancy and evocation schools
Celestial favors abjuration and divination
Fae favors Illusion and enchantment

Spellcraft is still the roll needed to enchant magical items, this skill is largely unchanged.

Knowledge (Arcane) now includes the researching new/custom magical items.

Craft Magical Items (Item Creation) this feat replaces in most of the item creations feats. Craft wondrous Item, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Forge Ring, Craft Rod, Staff, Wand. Note this does not include craft scroll or brew potion.

Crafting of magical items requires a talismanic component, limiting the amount of magical items that can be created. The component will be specified during item research or by the formula for the item, the CR of the creature or rarity of the talisman needed will be based on the cost/caster level of the item.


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