Chaos Lords

Many gods and none fall under this header, its practices and dogma are not openly talked about nor accepted but most within the city have at least heard of the Lords of Chaos. Worshiped by the chaos cults this/these entity(s) are as much an ideal as an tangible being.

Each of the cults has its own dogma and practices; but among these the largest is the Forsaken. The Forsaken worships the Lords of Chaos with acts of destruction and disregard for societal laws. Not much is “known” about them, they are a presence within the city, hiding among the populace of Sorrow and Ptolus, blamed for every malicious dead and act of cruelty. The law sees them as a terrorist group and an adversary. A few held down by the greater powers within the city see the Chaos Gods as freedom fighters.

Their clergy vary but oracles and clerics are the most common among them. All Chaos Cults offer the Chaos domain but their other domains vary heavily. Favored weapon is the dagger. Garb is also based on the particular cult in question and kept a close secret.

Most well know sects:
The Fallen – This chaos cult is known to have a obsessive tie to the worlds beyond this one, Heaven and Hell above the others. They receive guidance from demons and angels alike but have a foul reputation due to their methods and lack of principal. Many acts of necromancy and murder have been tied to the Fallen. They wear Black robes trimmed in red and white during ceremonies and favor magic or the longsword, what Chaos Lord grants them magic is unknown (possibly even to the members of the cult)
The Forsaken – This cult is the most numerous within the city and seems to hold to a split dogma, one that the world is actually already over and two that due to one they can do anything they please. Some sections of the cult seek to free the rest of the living to the afterlife, meaning they’ve attempted some extreme acts of death and terrorism. Their cult garb is black robes and they favor kris daggers. Their patron Chaos lord is often called Lord of Shadows.

Chaos Lords

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