There are forces in the world stranger and more powerful than magic, forces that hardly give a care to the actions of mortals and are not so quick to answer their call. Among these is the force of chaos. This book contains man’s feeble attempts to harness and use it’s power as well as the great risk one takes in doing so.
Chaos tech is widely broken up into 2 forms based on the characteristics of each devices uses. The first is commonly referred to as Works of Steel, these are similar to magical items, these items have on going uses and effects and are a bit harder to create than a standard magical item. Second is Flesh, this is the category that sets Chaostech apart from normal pathfinder items and rules. Works of Flesh are implants and augmentations to the body, allowing for quite a few interesting, if a bit horrifying, effects.

Steel: this category of chaostech is analogous to magical items and as such requires not only a crafting check but a feat to create, if successful the crater has an item that will work over and over. Hallmarks of Works of Steel are a brutalest and demi-sci-fi style, often made of raw iron or other high HP material. Chaostech does not require batteries for the most part and tends to have uses per day over charges. Works of steel tend to be tools and weapons over armor or defensive items and rarely mimic spell effects directly. Unless otherwise noted effects created in this category are Extraordinary (Ex)

Flesh: this is the most recognizable type of chaostech, while the other two could be arcane or alchemical Works of the Flesh are like nothing else. Works of the flesh act as augments (an extra arm or embedded tool) and implants (a spare organ for when yours aren’t cutting it) which means they not only require crafting but also surgical implantment into their users/hosts. Some creations for this category are subtle, hiding away under the skin but most are visible and alter the form of the host in some way. Body horror and mad science are aesthetic themes in this category. Effects from this category vary widely but many are inherent for implants that provide bonuses or extraordinary for those that create effects.

New Feats and Skills
Chaos tech brings with it three new skills and a new feat, putting it in line with the other crafting skills outlined within the campaign.

Knowledge (Chaostech): This is used like other Knowledge skills for checks to determine level of knowledge possessed when dealing with chaostech. It is also used to identify the function and method of use for chaostech items (similar to spellcraft for magical items and using the same DCs). Other subjects that might fall under this skill include the Chaos Lords and The Chaos Cults. Study of chaostech (high ranks in this skill) tend to make one a little odd.

Craft (Chaostech): This skill is used for all three categories of chaostech works, standard pathfinder crafting rules apply.

Craft (Chaos Surgery): This skill is used to implant a Work of Flesh into a host, while a heal check can be used in its place at a -5 most practitioners of chaostech will not have the Wisdom bonuses needed for that line of skills nor are they likely to be very “healing” minded.

Craft Chaostech (Item Creation): this feat allows for the creation of works of steel and works of flesh.

All three of the above skills are “Unintuitive” and as such apply an odd combo of attributes to their skill checks. Int – Wis, this means a character’s wisdom bonus is subtracted from their intelligence bonus before being applied to the skill check, note Wis is still subtracted even if it’s negative effectively counting as a bonus (subtracting a negative and all).

The basics of chaostech are not unlike the basics of the other three crafting types, but Chaostech is in many ways an alternate to technology, powered by something outside normal physics. Visually, even tactilely, its curves and lines seem alien. The form does not always logically match the function and doesn’t necessarily follow the laws of reality or the edicts of logic, either in its abilities or its appearance. Many of the devices go beyond strange to the slightly disturbing. Most possesses an organic appearance, even those devices made of steel and other inorganic materials. Due to the very entropic nature of chaos devices of this type are often made of raw and organic materials, wrought iron over steel, leather or even flesh over cloth etc.

For creation of advanced chaos devices the crafter must have Ranks in Craft (Chaostech) and the Craft Chaos Feat. Pricing can be determined like a magical item. Unlike arcane or etheric items chaos tend to use recharge times and uses per day over charges with advanced magical items, it also tends towards weapons.


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