Character Creation

Ability Scores: 20 point buy

Race: All Core are available plus a few variants for the setting

Class: Starting at 1st level; all pathfinder class are available though some changes to a few classes due to lack of alignment, nature based classes are encouraged to look at urban archetypes and class options.

Skills: All skills are class skills; Craft/knowledge have been added for Aeronautics and Ethertech. Each character gets one additional point a level to be spent in a profession skill of their choice.

Feats: Changes to item creation feats and some added, see Technology and Crafting

Equipment: Starting Gold is minimum for class (as if you had rolled all 1s).

Hit points: Can be rolled (reroll 1s) or take the average rounded up (6 hp for a d10 etc.). Max hp at first level naturally.

Alignment: Has been removed for this game. See Vice Virtue and Allegiances

May take 1 drawback to gain 1 background trait

Character Info: I’d rather you include details about your character’s motivations and current work/living than a lengthy backstory; I find a character direction is more useful than a history. All of the characters live in the same area and it is likely one or more of you know one another if you’d like to include connections to other players.

Character Creation

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