Etheric items and effects are Supernatural (Su)

This is the newest technology, coming into its own only in the past half century. Etheric tech harnesses natural energies like arcane charge and electricity to manipulate etheric energies, often producing spell like effects. Three prime components are needed for etheric devices: a power source, a conduit, and a focus. In portable devices the power is normally a battery, etheric energy trapped in a palm sized hunk of metal or crystal. A conduit is a path for the energy to follow leading into the focus, this must be formed of an etherically reactive metal in just the right fashion, often an almost arcane pattern for the energy to follow, these metal lines give Ethertech a certain look and aesthetic. And last the focus; this crystal, glass or metal component shapes the energy into the desired outgoing effect. When active the each component glows slightly with and etheric white light akin to that of a ghost and a slight hum can be heard. Activating an etheric device untrained or for the first time requires a UMD check or a knowledge (Ethertech) if the result of this check is a 1 it triggers a Discharge effect. After the first activation discharges are triggers on fumbles, or on crits if the ethertech is a defensive item. The technology is still rare enough that most items are custom ordered and only a handful would be found in high end shops.

Etheric Discharge: Like fire arms etheric tech is not quite to the 100% reliable level, when making attack rolls or when subject to a critical hit (for items that activate when the target is attacked) the etheric devices suffers an Etheric Discharge, this means the battery uses more than one charge at once, sometimes fully emptying itself. The wearer suffers 1d4 damage per charge lost in the Discharge (not counting the charges used in the normal activation of the item) as does the device itself (ignoring hardness). A device with the broken condition triggers a discharge on a roll of 1 or 2. For the exact number of charges lost in a discharge see the item in question or go off the batteries listed below.

Etheric Batteries are the most common power source for wearable and portable ethertech, each can hold a number of charges that can be drawn from to power uses of the device. Charging and recharging these batteries can be done by any arcane caster, they expend unallocated spell slots into the Arcane Battery imbuing it with one charge per spell level expended. Some but not all batteries are rechargeable allowing them to be used over and over.
Battery Max Charge Reusable Discharge Cost/Cost full
Tin 1 No Full 5/10gp
Iron 3 No Full 15/25gp
Iron-Crystal 5 Yes 2d4 300/125gp
Gold 5 No Full 25/50gp
Gold-Crystal 7 Yes 1d8 500/235gp
Copper 7 No Full 35/70gp
Copper-Crystal 10 Yes 1d6 1,000/1,050gp
Silver 10 No Full 50/100gp
Silver-Crystal 15 Yes 1d4 1,500/1,575gp
Mithral 15 No Full 75/150gp
Mithral-Crystal 20 Yes 1d4 2,000/2,100gp
Mithral-Aethel* 50 Yes/Special 2d4 10,000gp
*Aethel is an incredibly rare crystal of incredible value which actively absorbs etheric energy from it’s surroundings. A battery sized crystal of it produces 1 charge per hour recharging itself over time.

Etheric devices draw a number of charges from their batters roughly equivalent to the spell level or effect they produce, so a spell gauntlet that fires a ray attack similar to scorching ray would draw 2 charge per use while a belt that teleports its wearer would use 6. For the exact number used see the item in question but this is a good guide line for new items.

All player created items must follow the basic concept for Ethertech laid out above but are encouraged to take on an aspect of super science and creativity.

New Skills/Feats
Craft (Ethertech) Craft Etheric allows for the crafting and repair of new etheric devices.

Knowledge (Ethertech) covers the science of behind etheric energy and is used both to identify foreign/new ethertech as well as to research new ones.

Craft Ethertech (Item Creation) Items is a new feat allowing characters to make items that mimic magical items, spells and other creative items players may research or come across. The feat requires 5 ranks in Craft (Ethertech).


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