Technologies and Crafting

Within the scope of this game there are a handful of new technologies which in turn come with a few new rules; magical crafting is included in these rules, for simplicity/uniformity.


First each new technology type has a Knowledge and Craft skill as well as a Crafting feat associated with it. The Knowledge skill is used for researching a new design for an invention or magical item it is also used for identifying tech and general knowledge within that field. While the Craft skill is used to craft said items using the standard pathfinder crafting rules for crafting magical items. To craft advanced tech (ones that are capable of magic like effect) a character needs the associated crafting feat. This would apply to a spell gauntlet (similar to a wand) but not a firearm, which is a non magical weapon etc..

Researching an Item

This rule allows you to perform research, either to create a new item or learn the formula for an existing item. In the downtime system, the steps for research are as follows.

  1. Determine the desired effect or use for the item to be created, worked in conjunction with the GM. Keep in mind the flavor and limitations of the technology you’re researching.
  2. Determine the approximate spell level of effect the item will have (worked out with the GM). For example an alchemical item that electrocutes x number of targets close to it, might be based on shocking grasp or on fireball, but the damage should reflect the base spell.
  3. Pay 100 gp × the spell’s level for research costs and rare ingredients. You may spend Goods or Magic toward this cost.
  4. Determine the total days of progress required to complete the research, which is the spell level of effect.
  5. Determine the research DC, which is 10 + twice the spell’s level or 10 + triple the spell’s level if the GM deems the item to be unusually complex.
  6. Each day spend 100gp and attempt a Knowledge check (arcana for an arcane magic, etheric for ethetech, alchemic for alchemy, etc.) against the research DC. You can’t take 10 on these checks. If the check succeeds, you make 1 day’s progress toward completing the research, If a research checks fail by 4 or less, you make no progress and wasted the money/time. For each check that fails by 5 or more, your research has led to poor results and you lose a day of progress in addition to wasting the day/time. When your progress reaches the number of days needed, the research is completed and you know the formula for this item going forward. The gp from successful days of progress count toward the crafting cost of the first item made with this recipe (for low cost items this may mean that the craftsmen ends his research with a working product).

Alternatively you may buy a blueprint, formula, or schematic for an item. The base price for which is ¼ the craft cost of the item.

Item Creation

Advanced technologies follow the crafting system for the crafting of magical items, using the double the spell level established above as CL and priced using pathfinders magical item pricing, collaboratively with the GM.
The following can be used as guides to the crafting process for tech and magical items.
Magical Item Creation
Crafting High-Tech Items

Technologies and Crafting

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