This vast fortress was built to withstand an assault far greater than any that ever threatened it. Fearing the return of Ghul and his dark horde, its designers fashioned a bastion to hold off legions of orcs, monsters, and half-demon things. In truth, however, no force was ever marshaled against Dalenguard. And now, more than seven hundred fifty years later, it sits within the confines of a small metropolis.
Jan Dalen was a great Prustan general in the Ghulwar who fell in battle, the victim of some dire spell. The fortress was named in his honor. According to the philosopher Tinerias Edren, Dalenguard serves as the Pact of Brightfather’s Day writ in stone. Although it was built mostly by dwarves, the other races of the pact each con- tributed to the fortress as well, at least in some ceremonial way. The builders clearly were highly motivate, the massive structure took only three years to complete.
The western portion of Dalenguard butts up against the relatively sheer face of the cliff. Dalenguard’s massive walls, twenty-five feet thick and thirty feet tall, extend out from the cliff, forming a large bailey. The walls have room for defenders to walk on top of and even within them. Made of huge, dwarf-cut stone,
they are the oldest part of the fortress, yet they hardly show their age. But then, in dwarven terms, seven hundred fifty years is not old for a wall.
The interior of the fortress holds a number of different buildings as well as a substantial yard for training, drills, and parades. Only one of these buildings is as old as the wall: a keep that rises above the rest of the fortress like a sentinel. Some of the other, newer buildings are wood, some are stone, and some are brick. Some have been built into the wall, while others are free standing. They serve as barracks, stables, store- houses, training facilities, residences, and a magazine.
Today Dalenguard provides a bottleneck for those attempting to enter the Nobles’ Quarter; the only path up to the ridge where the nobles live begins within the fortress itself on Dalenguard Road. Since no one enters Dalenguard without having their papers checked and their purpose examined, no one gets in or out of the Nobles’ Quarter without that same scrutiny, at least, not without magical means.
Dalenguard serves as the headquarters for the City Watch, the Goldshield and garrison for the Commissar’s Men, a special battalion of approximately three hundred elite Imperial troops. The fortress, however, could easily provide space for five times that number. This is also the home of the famous Commissar’s Guns, a battery of two dozen huge cannons used in the Gnoll War.

Commissar’s office. The keep also contains a large chamber where the City Council meets, with a number of adjoining chambers for supplementary meetings and similar work. The council’s chamber is proof against all divinations, and an invisibility purge keeps out invisible spies.

The Commissar’s Residence The Commissar’s Residence is a large manor house within the walls of Dalenguard. The two- story building is made of brick with shuttered windows and a gabled roof with wooden shingles. Two guards stand outside the door at all times. Commissar Wylen dwells here. Magical alarms cover every entry, and a per- manent dimensional lock prohibits teleporting intruders.

Dalenguard’s main keep stands four stories high, with a single tower rising much higher and massive front gates emblazoned with the symbol of Ptolus. Above the doors hangs a massive, functional clock.
This large building holds barracks and military administration offices, including the The Hall of the Twelve
The free-standing Hall of the Twelve is the newly built and opulent meeting hall of the Twelve Commanders of Ptolus. A paved plaza with a fountain stands between the Hall of the Twelve and the Main Keep. A permanent dimensional lock wards the place against those who would teleport in, an invisibility purge keeps out invisible intruders, and the entire building remains proof against scrying or similar intrusive divinations. Beneath the main keep, a mighty vault holds items of great value as well as great danger and the city funds to pay all employees, including City Watch personnel. At any given time, it contains approximately 800,000 gp. It is well guarded and fitted with magical seals and alarms.


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